reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


Sacramento, Alabama... Here we come!

Everything is crazy here at the Harris household as the family prepares for tomorrow's 10-hour drive south to California for The Rebelution Tour's first stop: Sacramento, CA. In just three days (Saturday, March 11th) 475+ people will join together at Foothill Christian Fellowship for an exciting day of worship, teaching, and fellowship.

Last night we finished printing and stuffing 475 nametags. This morning we folded and stapled 500 conference workbooks. This afternoon we picked up 150 conference t-shirts, which joined the nametags, workbooks, and stack of Regenerate Our Culture flyers on the table of "conference stuff."

Current Sacramento Weather Forecast (for Saturday):
High Temp: 43º F - Low Temp: 29º F - Rain and Snow Showers
Prayer RequestsUPDATE: Play particularly for our five-year-old (almost six) brother, James. He currently has a 102.4º F temperature.

Please pray for safe travel for our family and the rest of The Rebelution Tour team members. Pray for health for everyone involved. Pray that the weather will not disrupt the conference in any way. Most importantly, pray that God will prepare the hearts of everyone attending (the audience, the speakers, and the conference team) and that He will accomplish His will through (and beyond) our efforts.

What's With Alabama? — Next weekend (three days after we arrive home from Sacramento) Brett and I will be flying to Orlando, Florida, with our father to meet the local host team for the July 22nd conference. Brett and I will then fly to Montgomery, Alabama, to assume our positions as grassroots campaign managers for several candidates in the upcoming statewide elections, remaining for three months until the primary election on June 6th. Please be praying for us as we quickly change our focus after the conference.
We plan to post pictures and a recap of the conference next week. Thank you all for your prayers!