reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


WWW Part 2: Do New Things (Guest Post)

The following installment of our current series "World Wide Webelution" is brought to you courtesty of fellow teen blogger, Marshall Sherman, of "Advancing His Kingdom." The Rebelution is pleased to bring attention the work Marshall is doing and is honored to include his work in our current series.
If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always had.
That quote rings true not only throughout time, but throughout generations. It applies not only to adults, but to teens. A lot of times teens do the same thing and expect different results. It doesn’t work that way! You can’t plant an apple seed, and get a pear tree! Every time you put an apple seed in the ground, you’re going to get an apple tree! Every single time. I don’t care if you pray over it, coax it, or yell at it; it will always produce an apple. Whatever you sow, that will you reap.

But another thing I think is often overlooked in applying this quote, is going with the flow. Not only is it true that you, personally, will not get different results from the same actions, but you will not get different results if you do the same things as other people. For instance, if you dress the same way as a non-Christian, talk the same way as a non-Christian, go to the same movies as a non-Christian, surf the same websites as a non-Christian, read the same books as a non-Christian, you can’t expect God to move in your life anymore than He does, or is allowed to, in a non-Christians life.

Alex and Brett’s excellent post, “A Lesson From The Vikings: Do Hard Things,” in their series, “World Wide Webelution” created an excellent point. However, in addition to making an excellent point, they also provide an example for mine. The Vikings did hard things, but what they did was also new. Alex and Brett gave the example of the Greeks and the Romans and how they had galley slaves, whereas the Vikings…well…I’m not going to give it away, check out the post. Nevertheless, the Vikings did a new thing, and in turn, it made them successful.

So here’s the challenge, and it follows right along the same lines as Alex and Brett’s: (Strange how God does that isn’t it? Tells more than one person the same thing…) Do hard things, but don’t do just hard things, do new things. If you are not getting satisfactory results, pray, and then change. God literally changed the world, and the course of history, with 12 men who were willing to do something hard, and something new. I wanna’ be a leader in the next wave…what about you?