reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


Jiffy N' Lou: Installment #107

Thought you guys might have missed this . . . Bump.
It's time once again for America's favorite comic strip: The Adventures of Jiffy N' Lou! Brought to you courtesy of the late New Attitude Magazine, Joshua Harris, and The Rebelution. Click on image to enlarge.

Most of us have a "big talk" somewhere in our future. We can assume that a few of us guys have already thought about what we might say -- and to who we might say it -- and we can assume that many of our eligible female readers have spent significant amounts of time imagining what "he" might say, when "he" might say it, and how "dad" might respond. But whether you're male or female, twentysomething or ten-and-something, this Jiffy N' Lou should make the following imprints on your heart and mind:
  • GUYS: Your "file" might not be as tangible as Lou Spielman's, but it exists nonetheless. Not only that, but you are writing your "bio" right now by the way you live. Do you think the dads don't notice?
  • GALS: What kind of guys are you attracting? Guys like Lou Spielman like flirty girls, obsessed with their weight, wardrobe, and makeup bags.
  • GUYS and GALS: Start developing yourself into a "prize" that any godly young man or woman would find attractive. Make yourself worthy of the man or woman of your dreams by developing the godly character and competence that would make them stop and notice you.