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Scripture Memory: How Are You Doing?

At the beginning of the month, we challenged our readers to join us in doing the hard—but inestimably valuable—task of memorizing God's Word. To our joy, we received a very positive response.

But now a week and a half has gone by, which (in my experience) is just about the amount of time it takes for enthusiasm to begin to wane. This post (along with the comments section) is intended serve as an encouragement and exhortation for all of us to persevere.

Brett and I are currently working on Romans 8, after which we want to memorize Isaiah 53. Our goal is to have both memorized before the Sacramento Conference next month. We began our memorization with our family, all of us working to have Romans 8:26-39 memorized by mid-month (i.e. today).

To be honest, I was very diligent for the first week, then the enthusiasm began to wear off... That is, until I focused and made myself sit down and do it. It was really incredible, being able to recite an extended portion of God's Word like that. It reignited my fire.

Brett and I now have half of Romans 8 memorized (verses 26-39 and 1-5). It's been hard, but good.

So how about all of you? How are you doing?