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Jiffy N' Lou: Installment #104

It's time once again for America's favorite comic strip: The Adventures of Jiffy N' Lou! Brought to you courtesy of the late New Attitude Magazine, Joshua Harris, and The Rebelution. Click on image to enlarge.

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Just a comic strip? Absolutely not. This strip, drawn nearly eight years ago, predicts our culture's tendency to dumb down the Bible and limit its ability to impact our lives. For example, Rev. Martin Hinton, a British churchman, has decided that the Bible is just too intimidating for modern readers. "We have to face the fact," Hinton argues, "[that] we live in an overwhelmingly secular society and must do all we can to present people with the story and what Christianity is about."

According to The Guardian [London], Hinton has produced a condensed Bible intended to be read in just 100 minutes. "We have sacrificed poetry to clarity," Mr Hinton commented.

Len Budd, publisher of the slimmed-down Bible, admits that much has been lost in the reduction, but says it's worth it. "Is it a dumbing down of the Bible? Yes, but that's the world today. Although we as Christians love the Bible it is very user-unfriendly. People just don't have time to read it. If this book means more people can answer pub quiz questions on the Bible, so much the better."

Jonathan Petre of The Telegraph [London] described the project this way: "In the beginning was the Word. But the Word went on a bit, so a new version of the Bible has been produced for readers with short attention spans."

Dr. Albert Mohler does an excellent job addressing the issue when he said: "The 100-Minute Bible is the perfect symbol of our age of truncated attention spans and rampant biblical illiteracy. At the current rate of declining interest and literacy, 100 minutes will soon be unacceptably long."

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