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Up Again: Noah Riner Video Available Online!

Noah Riner, 21, sparked national controversy on September 20th with his speech to incoming freshman at Dartmouth College's annual convocation ceremony. In the speech, Riner did the unthinkable: extolling character while pointing to Jesus Christ — not only as the best example of character, but as the solution to man's inherent corruption.

Unsurprisingly, Riner's speech has received a great deal of media attention, by traditional media outlets, both secular and Christian, as well as by countless blogs. Alerted in early October by David MacMillan III of In Rejection of Mediocrity to a hosted video of the speech, The Rebelution, along with Agent Tim Online, became one of the first two blogs to link to it. However, within the next month the video was removed from the server on which it was hosted, and has been unavailable online ever since... That is, until now.

With the generous assistance of Eric Rice of Wright Film Association, The Rebelution is pleased to announce that the video of Noah Riner's convocation speech is back online. Links contained in previous coverage have been updated, so if you haven't read about this incredible display of Christian courage, go read and watch.

To just download the .wmv file, right-click here and save to your hard drive.