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Terri Schiavo: Teen Blog Roundup

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the court-sanctioned removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. Over the next thirteen days bloggers across the blogosphere will be remembering Terri's fight for life.

Good friend and rebelutionary, Agent Tim, has taken the iniative to head up a blog roundup for teen bloggers and will be posting links on his blog later this evening. For now, here are a few posts by teens Brett and I have managed to find. Be sure to check out Agent Tim Online over the next two weeks for further posts and links on the issue.

Agent Tim Online has posted a summary of the events surrounding and leading up to Terri Schiavo's starvation and death:

It was only one year ago today that it happened. Really, it’s hard to believe that’s true, but it is. Terri Schiavo’s life is a reminder to us how precious each of days are, and how quickly it can be taken–or stolen–from us. The day Terri’s tube was taken away from her and she was starved to death is a hard and sorrowful thing to remember. It makes you shut your eyes and bury your head into your hands wondering why something like this could happen, and how many times it has happened without us knowing it.

Today, we’re going to take a trip back in time. It starts on March 18th, 2004... [read the rest]
Spunky Junior serves us all an excellent reminder regarding the ongoing battle for life in our world today:
Let's take a moment to remember what happened one year ago today. We prayed, cried, blogged, and continuely paid attention to the news, hoping that she would live, hoping that this innocent woman would be pardoned from her death sentence. When she died, we were saddened by the state of our country. And then we moved on.

Yet the fight for human life is not yet over. 234,851,023 children have been killed since January 2001. More will die today. More will die tomorrow. Each, like Terri, had a life that was cut short. The fight for life should not be forgotten for their sakes.

Are you willing to take a stand to preserve human life?
Jennifer's Musings makes the observation:
The Schiavo case was a sad reminder of America’s carelessness and disregard for human life. To us Christians, human life on earth is precious, belonging to God… to those who deny any supernatural presence, a beating heart is simply another mass of tissue… just another unfortunate occurrence. [read the rest]
Mission Amare encourages her fellow bloggers:
I urge all of you bloggers out there today to write a post about Terri. About life... We can't bring Terri back. But hopefully we can prevent this from happening to other people.