reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


Save The Wheel: Reinvented - The Dinner Table

Last week, Brett and I collaborated with our new friend here in Alabama, Colton Davie, winner of this year's Best Young Filmmaker award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival with his film Blue State: Tolerance For All, to produce a short film for Save The Wheel dot Com. This we accomplished over the course of several hours on Saturday evening, and were quite pleased with the result. The short film is now available online, and we would encourage all of you to go watch it and give us your feedback.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Save The Wheel website, allow us to explain that the purpose of these short films is to exemplify the age old truth that some things shouldn't be reinvented. Our goal was to create an entertaining and aesthetically excellent film (relative to the time available) and to prove, metaphorically, that just like the dinner table, God's Truth, God's Word, and the Gospel, don't need to be reinvented.

Go watch the film now... Then come back and read the rest.
A Lesson To Be Learned:

This film is a great example of the value of collaboration among Christian young people (and among all Christians, for that matter). Quite simply, despite the fact that Brett and I have wanted to make a film for Save The Wheel for a long time, we could not have made one on our own. Not only did we not have the equipment we needed here in Alabama, but we also did not possess the amount of experience required to reach the level of audio and video quality we wanted. By working alongside Colton, we were able to pull all of our strengths, resources, and ideas together. All of us were surprised at how quickly we were able to put the movie together (just a few hours), and at the quality we were able to achieve in such a limited period of time. You can't always be good at everything, but when you are willing to work with others, you acquire the strengths of the whole group.