reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


Announcing: Homeschool Blogger Awards 2005

Attention rebelutionaries! It has been requested that we spread the word about the first annual Homeschool Blogger Awards, hosted by SpunkyHomeschool. The nomination process begins today and goes through the 11th of December. Voting for the winners will occur from the 12th of December until Christmas.

You may nominate blogs in as many -- or as few -- categories as you wish. For those wishing to nominate The Rebelution for any of the awards, it is my preliminary understanding that we are eligible for the categories of Teen Blog, Group/Team Blog, Inspirational Blog, Informational Blog, and Current Events Blog.

As with all such awards — which, I might add, Brett and I had never heard of before a few weeks ago — the more involvement, the better. For now, go nominate your favorite homeschool blogs. Then, don't forget to vote come December.

Brett's and my nominations:

Best Homeschooling Mom Blog: SpunkyHomeschool

Best Homeschooling Teen blog: Agent Tim Online


Spunky Junior

Best Team / Group Homeschool Blog: Beauty from the Heart

Most Inspirational Homeschool Blog: Fearlessly Feminine

Best Homeschool Blog Design: Agent Tim Online

Best Canadian Homeschool Blog: Oneway Purpose

Best Current Events Homeschool Blog: Legal Redux

Best Homeschool Arts Blog: Rhetorical Response
To submit your nomination/s click here.

[Note: The banner on this post was inspired by SpunkyHomeschool's banner.]