reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


SAICFF: Time Captured In A Photograph #4

Arthur and Hanna Rasco, winners of Best of Festival and Best Narrative for SAICFF 2005 with their film "No Greater Love."
Arthur and Hanna Rasco with Mr. Phillips and the $10,000 Grand Prize award.
Doug Phillips shares a personal moment with Arthur and Hanna Rasco.
Russ Pond, winner of this year's Audience Choice Award with his film "Growing Up," along with the film's star, his son, Caleb.
Joshua Moore, winner of this year's Best Festival Trailer, with his trailer "Digitally Remastered."
Spencer Weaver, runner-up in the Best Young Filmmaker category, for his clay-mation film "Why Did The Duck Cross the Road?"
Ken Carpenter, winner of Best Documentary, with his eldest son.
Mr. Doug Phillips congratulates 16 year-old Alabamian, Colton Davies, winner of this year's Best Young Filmmaker Award with his film "Blue State: Tolerance For All."
Justice Tom Parker of the Alabama Supreme Court stands in for Tyler and Ed Litton, winners of this year's Best Political Film Award with their film "Intent," along with Doug Phillips and fellow Alabamian, Colton Davie.
Anna and Elizabeth Botkin perform on the harp the themes they composed with their brother Benjamin for The League of Grateful Sons.