reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


SAICFF: 11:15 A.M. - 10/29

Mr. Botkin shares countless, powerful, chilling quotations by Marxists of the past century, whose goal in cultural warfare was targeted towards two institutions: The cinema, and the public school system. Consider the following quotes:

John Dewey, father of progressive education: "Literacy is the greatest obstacle to socialism."

Vladimir Lenin: "Of all the arts, the motion picture is the most important."

Leon Trotsky: "This weapon [cinema], which cries out to be used, is the best instrument for political propaganda, which cuts into the memory and may be made a possible source of revenue."

Severneya Pravda: "We are obliged... to make amusement a weapon of collective education. The cinema competes with the church. This rivalry may become fatal for the church. The cinema liberates you from the need of crossing the church door. Here is an instrument we must secure."

As Mr. Botkin said, "It was the perfect instrument of indoctrination because it was so well suited to create an entire society more blatantly devoted to the gratification of sensory desires at the expense of masculine responsibility and achievement."

A few more quotes:

Otto Gross: "If Jezebel had not been defeated by Elijah, world history would have been diffretna dn better. Jezebel was Babylon. By killing her, monotheistic moralism drove pleasure from the world."

Mr. Gross, once again, stated that one of his visions was "to start a sexual revolution to destroy the bourgeois, patriarchal family."

Mr. Botkin further points out that the Soviet's intelligence operation code-named Hollywood as "Babylon."

To show the Marxist's great power and influence in Hollywood, Mr. Botkin shared several quotes, inlcuding this by screenwriter-director Philip Dunne, in his 1980 memoirs, "All over town the industrious communist tail wagged the lazy liberal dog."

This is hardly a taste of the information being shared in this lecture... Mr. Botkin, a former Marxist himself, has studied this issue for over 10 years, and his knowledge and wisdom is incredible. The implications of the revelations shown in this session are astounding.

We wonder what has happened to society and why Hollywood is leading the way downward... The answer is chilling. It was planned, strategized, and calculated for decades upon decades by those who hate Christianity and all the values represented by Scripture. It was, as one author put it, "far and away the most successful psychological warfare operation ever launched against the West."