reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


SAICFF: 11:00 A.M. - 10/28

Presented by Geoff Botkins in his session Vocational Realities for Aspiring Filmmakers:

Spiritual Qualifications for Aspiring Filmmakers:

  • Are you living in the real world?
  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Are you weak in faith or strong in faith?
  • Are you teaching in truth or sound doctrine?
  • Are you growing in grace and humility?
  • Do you have vigor and spiritual authority?
  • Are you pursuing a relationship with God through biblical literacy?
  • Do you heed the voice of your parents?
  • Do you take every opportunity to let your family sharpen your character?
  • Are you building your own convictions?
Academic Qualifications for Aspiring Filmmakers:
  • Do not go to film school. For many producers, and especially for independent Christian producers, college credentials mean the following: “The holder of these credential just spent four years in a dismally unproductive environment using gear that is no longer industry standard, trying to succeed in a totally artificial environment because he didn’t have the resourcefulness or creativity to go out and produce something for the real world. The graduate can tolerate futility and boredom.”
  • Among your professional goals should be to become resourceful, responsible, virtuous, capable, dependable, accomplished, entrepreneurial, and honest.
  • Your vocational goal should be the complete management of your own productions.
  • As preparation to that goal you should make your own small production or assist mature Christian producers who are creating good material.
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