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Abraham Cherrix: In Depth Video Report

Watch an in-depth news report by WAVY-TV, a local Virginia news station. Caution to dial-up users, the WMV file is large (25.4 MB). To watch, click on the image above or just click here.
For those having trouble with the video, below you will find a few select excerpts. The second is compelling evidence that Abraham is a Christian:
Reporter: [Abraham's] cancer came back and there's no guarantee more chemo will cure him. Children's Hospital wouldn't talk to us about the odds, citing federal patient privacy law, but... oncologist, James Stark, says they are low.

Dr. James Stark: I would estimate probably, without looking it up, about 25 percent. So this is not a good situation.


Abraham Cherrix: This body is my body and it's God's temple He gave to me and I'm supposed to take care of it.


Rose Cherrix (Mother): How far are they willing to go? Are they willing to be sued? Are they willing to be sued for abuse? If I tied Abraham down and gave him a drug, I'd be in court right now for child abuse. I'd be in the jail.
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