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CFA: 4:30 P.M. - 10/26

I apologize for the long delay between posts. Blogger is experiencing some technical difficulties, which forced us to rewrite this entry from scratch.

This final session has been a segment where all of the faculty, Doug Phillips, Ken Carpenter, Isaac Botkins, Geoff Botkins, Dan Rasmussen, and Anthony Biller, are fielding questions from the audience.

Many of the preliminary questions were targeted at Anthony Biller, regarding copyright laws. One question was whether permission was needed to show the Google or Microsft Word logos on a computer screen in a film. The answer was (assuming this does not play a large part of your movie), no, you do not need to ask permission.

A mother just asked a very excellent question. In paraphrase: "What do you advise for a unmarried young lady who desires to pursue the field of filmmaking?" The answer focused on the need for a unified family that will develop and cultivate the abilities of its members. Far too many Christians mistakenly believe that young ladies can be only one of two things; either she stays at home all day eating bon-bons, or else she's a warrior, conqueror, rabid feminist. This is simply not true. Mr. Phillips recommends several resources on this subject, both carried by Vision Forum. The first is the audio tape CD "What's A Girl To Do?" The second is a book by Mr. Botkin's 17 and 19 year-old daughters, entitled "So Much More."