reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


Looking For Something?

We are closing out a "crusade" to make it easier for people to find old Rebelution series and posts they want to re-read or share with a friend. Below are highlights and summaries of some of the changes being made to the sidebar.
The Essentials has been updated to include two very old series, "The Importance of Character" and "The World Is Flat," and we've added seven new posts under Do Hard Things and The Rebelution Defined.
The Other Stuff section of our sidebar now includes links to Rebelutionary Meetings and several posts related to our Alabama Trip -- as seen in the picture to the right. Multiple other posts have been added too.
The Rebelution Blogroll has been cleaned up and restocked with exciting new teen bloggers and excellent non-blog sites.
  • Hans Zeiger, newfound friend, rebelutionary college student, and prolific author (we're currently reading his latest book, Reagan's Children) has been added to the blogroll with his team-authored blog, Reagan's Children.
  • exists to help homeschool graduates "meet, share ideas, and find community with other alumni." It's been added under Good Non-Blog Sites as a helpful resource to our many homeschool readers.
  • Keepers of the Heart and Home is a new online, quarterly publication seeking to edify, enrich, and encourage Christian homeschooled daughters in their calling. You'll find it in the Good Non-Blog Sites section.
UPDATE: Not only do we have a new sidebar button for our booklist, but we've also updated the booklist with some of the new books we're reading, have read, or plan to read this summer.
Check it out: Click Here
Are there any great blogs, websites, or books we've missed? Let us know! Also, if you have suggestions for additional measures we can take to make The Rebelution more user-friendly, please feel free to use email, or the comment section to share your ideas.

Email us at: therebelution [at] gmail [dot] com