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Whom Do You Admire?

There has been a slight outcry regarding my recent post "World Champions of Triviality". On her own initiative, Kimberly Harris, our sister-in-law, wrote the following response to some of the concerns. We appreciate the gracious and gentle way with which she addresses and clarifies the issues and pray that you might be challenged by her words.
I think that this last post has struck a chord with many of you, considering all of the responses. I would like to address particularly Sarah's post.

I realize that this might be a sensitive issue to you, Sarah, since one of your family members is involved in beauty pageants. But I do think that you are rather missing the point of the post. Brett was not saying that those who are in sports or beauty pageants cannot be heroes or do great things. But the fact is often that the reason they are so glorified in our country is because of trivial things. They are often not famous for all of the amazing courageous things they do, but are famous because of their beauty or talent. On the other side, Brett brought up some of the nurses that cared for his niece in the NICU (his niece by the way is my daughter).

One of the nurses he mentioned was Colleen. Now Colleen was very beautiful and could have been involved in beauty pageants. But I don't think that being in, or winning a beauty pageant is something that should make us all feel that she is a hero. It might be a neat thing to win, but does that make her a hero and worthy of attention, prestige, and honor? I would say not. However, I feel that her work in the NICU is very worthy of praise and admiration. These NICU nurses are dealing with a lot of pain and suffering and it's very hard on their hearts. She is courageously trying to help save lives, and that included trying to save the life of my daughter. She is beautiful, she may have won beauty pageants, but I think that the best thing about her is what she has done for all those babies in dire circumstances.

Now many of you have made the point that those who are involved with sports or pageants often do great things. I think that can be true and I don't think that Brett was trying to deny that. But like I said before, the reasons they are so glorified are the wrong ones. If they were so highly esteemed because of acts of courage they had done, then many ugly non-talented people would be just as honored as them. But, as proof of how trivial we can be, it's the beautiful ones, and those who have talents like cup-stacking, and hitting balls who receive all the attention and honor. While the hard working nurse, missionary, doctor, etc usually receive little or no attention.

I don't think that you should take this post as "let's bash all who are famous". But rather you should ask the question, who do you admire most and why? Do you admire men that can do amazing physical feats more then you admire men who have sacrificed their lives and their time and money to raise a godly family and further the kingdom of God? Do you admire Miss America because she is beautiful more then a mother who sacrificed her body, life and time to raise godly children? To whom does your greatest admiration go?