reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


Man of the Year: Justice Tom Parker

Extraordinary times require extraordinary men. George Washington was a giant of a man — uniquely crafted by the Lord and providentially raised up for a defining moment in our history. He was God’s tool to bring military victory to the cause of independence, to oversee the crafting of our Constitution, and to shape and define the meaning and nature of the American Presidency. As we progress into the twenty-first century, the future of Americans again seems uncertain. The urgency of the hour is for unflinching, stalwart men — men who boldly proclaim the law of God — to stand with might in the very gates of the land, fighting in the defining battles of our generation. Today, on the 274th anniversary of our first Commander in Chief’s birth, Vision Forum inaugurates our George Washington Man of the Year Award to recognize and honor those individuals who demonstrate, through their public courage, the stalwart spirit and mature leadership of the General himself.

Justice Tom Parker: Man of the Year

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Excerpt From "Tom Parker: A Justice After God's Own Heart"

"In a day and age where leaders of principle are few and far between, there are several things you quickly recognize about Tom Parker. The first and foremost is that he fears God more than man and is consequently the personification of principled, Christian leadership. He is a skilled thinker who understands the Constitution, but more importantly recognizes the Christian presuppositions of all law. Finally, in a demonstration of great wisdom and foresight, he has surrounded himself with strong, Christian legal minds and a staff that will stand with him and not give in to the pressures of those who viciously oppose the truth. On all accounts, Alabama Justice Parker is a justice after God’s own heart... [T]he more I learn, the more I admire this man, and the more I desire to follow in his footsteps."