reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


What Does "Do Hard Things" Mean?

Alex and I are very excited about The Rebelution’s slogan "Do Hard Things," not because we came up with it, we didn’t. The “do-hard-things” mindset was the culmination of months of interacting with you guys, our readers, hearing your stories and struggling to answer questions we’ve all wrestled with. The reason we’re excited about "Do Hard Things" is because it captures our imaginations and reminds us of God’s call to teens. We’re further excited because it seems that the phrase “do hard things” does similar things for many of you.

It is from this excitement that we present a new series that will start January 6th, run for two weeks, one installment every few days, with “teens in the news” and other items of interest punctuating installments.

Announcement: We hope to introduce, one by one, some new features to The Rebelution over the next few months, possibly including book reviews and recommendations, “Quote of the Week,” “Blog post of the Week,” etc.
The new series’ working titled is: “Defining Do Hard Things” (very clever, I know) and will cover different aspects of Do Hard Things. In my head right now are the following:
  1. Hard Things Take Character: Sin comes naturally. Righteousness is a battle. Doing hard things is a fight for holy competence and character.
  2. You Can’t Fake Hard Things: For example: I can’t fake being good at tennis. I’ve either put in the time and effort to achieve or I haven’t. There’s no short cut.
  3. Small Hard Things Come Before Big Hard Things: Hard things aren't always “big” things. However, he who is faithful with little will be put over much.
  4. Doing Hard Things Is Hard: Let’s not joke ourselves, doing hard things can be a lonely journey. There will be times when we want to give up and give in. How can we encourage others and ourselves in this lifelong pursuit?
  5. Doing Hard Things Is A Habit: Using the power of ritual and habit to form character. How habit and ritual is key to persevering in the conviction to “Do Hard Things.”
  6. Doing Hard Things is Right: It seems obvious, but it’s so important. Doing hard things is God’s requirement, not men’s. Alex and I didn’t come up with it and neither did your parents.
Pleases give feedback on the direction we're going with this series. Have I missed anything? Is there something I absolutely MUST say under one of this installments? Let us know.