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Photographs of Hurricane Katrina Devastation

The picture looks skewed... But it's the house, not the photograph.
There wasn't anywhere to stay. Our tow truck driver told us that he and his family have been on a waiting list for a hotel room (out of town, obviously) for nearly five weeks.
This is what the sides of Highway 90 looked like as you enter Waveland.
Click on this photo and enlarge. The sign, in orange spray paint, reads, "No More Clothes."
A demolished gas station, 10 miles inland from the Gulf.
More wreckage.
Waveland's sidewalks, covered with debris.
Welcome to Waveland. Many brave people, fighting to restore life.
Seemingly far from the devastation, this large metal post fell during the heavy winds, crushing the car in the background. The post was removed, the car remained there, shattered glass everywhere.

The car's demolished bumper.
Everyone felt the effects of the hurricane.
Even Exxon Mobil.
The destroyed billboards were too many to count.
Stranded boats, three of many, lining the Mississippi River.

A large boat, stranded in a field.
The further we drove the less devastation we saw. Destroyed billboards were our first introduction to the damage, and they waved in the wind to wish us goodbye as we left the hurricane ravage behind.