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SAICFF: 7:45 P.M. - 10/27

[Note: This post is being posted a little late because Alex and I have been able to find only one room in the building where we can connect to the internet without paying $4.95 per minute. For that reason we are having to run back and forth from the auditorium to our "press room" to bring these updates to you. Keep this fact in mind and be gracious if our updates are slightly later than normal.]

The Salters Family just finished the most beautiful rendition of "Be Thou My Vision," that I, or anyone I've asked about it, have ever heard. I am unable to express just how refreshing it is to be at a Christian event where the aesthetics are equal to the message.

And let me tell you: Vision Forum doesn't skimp on message.

This Opening Ceremony has been technically perfect, artistically beautiful, and uncompromisingly powerful. What a incredible change from what we've come to expect from Christian events. Too often we attend Christian events, watch Christian movies, read Christian novels, and work with Christian businesses, hoping that we won't be disappointed too badly. Our standards have sunk to such a low level that we've been thrilled to find Christian products that "succeed" in attaining a level of quality that would be considered average by industry standards.

Vision Forum and the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival are playing a major role in changing things; combining incredible levels of competence and character, while investing heaveily in the ability of competent Christians around the world to network and collaborate.