reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


CFA: Accolades From Attendees

Dennis Zwonitzer of Spokane, Washington, came to the CFA with four of his eleven children. “The academy was spectacular. We really appreciate everything that went in to this whole event. It was better than ever imagined.”

Eddy Williams, from Ogden, Utah, “I really enjoyed the academy. They have provided an excellent ministry here to equip young warriors for Christ. I would urge that other people…get interested in it, to really back this ministry, and try and get out for 2006.”

Walsh Family, from Orlando, Florida:
  • Patrick (Father): “This was like sailing on the movie Mayflower with the Pilgrims here, and its new journey to claim ground for Christ.”
  • Caleb (16 year-old, Winner of the Best Young Filmmaker Award at SAICFF 2004): “The academy was absolutely terrific, very insightful, lots of instruction, and very helpful. I’m sure it will get better and better.”
Terry Ulrich, from Edgewood, New Mexico, brought two of his five sons to the academy because of their interest in filmmaking: “The academy has really helped to focus [my sons'] vision on making movies for the glory of God. And I think that it has broadened their vision of what they can accomplish.”

Robert Tull, 17-year-old: “They do [the academy] like a ministry, you don’t get the impression that they’re doing it for profit. It’s something that they do to advance the Kingdom of Christ and to serve people who want to advance the Kingdom of Christ. And it’s just so neat to be able to come and learn and work with people whose concern is not money, it’s advancing the kingdom in an area that’s been taken over by the devil and now we can take it back.” When asked to summarize the academy, Robert responded: “Very Christ-honoring.”

David Thompson, from Oxford, Michigan: “It’s a lot to take in. Lot’s of ideas. Lot’s of good instruction. Lot’s of great vision. Lot’s of encouragement, and motivation and passion.”

Catherine Bollen, 17, from Clifton, Virginia: "I enjoyed it a lot, especially since I have grown up thinking I would go into the Hollywood, secular system, and actually had many plans and connections already. So this week has really changed my course, and now I have to do new networking, but I think it's all for the better."

Devin Ballif, 16, Mt. Vernon, Washington: "Vision Forum takes a very uncompromising stand... [Among young people] it is lacking, and a lot more than it should be. As Christians, we need to be following what the Bible says completely, and not just in some areas of our life. We need more stuff like Vision Forum."

Andre Fredette, 18, Cornish, Maine: "The academy has been terrific. I think God is really using the people who put this on... to activat[e] the next generation. I think the networking that's taking place here is what is going to create the ability of Christian films to be of highest quality."