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CFA: 9:30 A.M. - 10/26

Mr. Carpenter, before begining our hypothetical production planning meeting, is giving us a brief overview of the role of "director" and "producer."
  • Producer: A producer with his team is responsible for the logistical and business side of a production. He makes sure everything and everyone is in place, one time. The best producers also combine a solid creative understanding of what makes a great script, great acting talent, great location, etc.
  • Director: A director and his team is responsible for all the creative aspects of a production. He works to get the script where it needs to be, he crafts the look of the film, he works with the actors, etc. Also, in the same way that the best producers have a good artistic understanding, directors need a solid understanding of production realities and logistics. Directors and Producers benefit greatly from understanding and possessing the skills of their counterparts.
  • Good Producer/Director Relationship: A great producer should accommodate requests from director for more film, a longer shoot, etc. A great director should assume that the producer will do everything within reason to accommodate his requests. On the other hand, as director, it is his responsibility to respond graciously and professionally if the answer is no. It is best case scenario to have a director and producer, not to have one person wearing both hats. It is very difficult to do a quality job in either position when you are responsible for both.