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CFA: 9:15 A.M. - 10/26

Doug Phillips has just introduced Ken Carpenter, a director producer with a broad-based production background. He begins with a challenge, and after hearing this I know this is going to be a great lecture:

"Starting today, we must elevate our thinking beyond the one-man-show approach to filmmaking. I love this aspect of today's technology; that one man or woman can go out and make their own film. They can do their own lighting, audio, post-production, etc.

But if we are going to build a replacement industry, we aren't going to do it on our own. It will be done as teams of artisans, working together."
Now, Mr. Carpenter is pulling us into a hypothetical situation. He is going to invite the attendees of the Filmmakers Academy into his hypothetical producer's office, and we are going to plan a film for the Third Annual San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival next year.
"Please step on in and make yourselves comfortable." says Mr. Carpenter, "We're going to look at logistics through the eyes of the producer and director."