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Attention All Home School Students & Parents!!!

Our father, Gregg Harris, is a bestseller author, conference speaker, and homeschool pioneer. Here on The Rebelution you are reaping the benefits of his role as Alex and my wisest mentor, coach, and manager. Today we have the privilege of posting a comment he made in response to our announcement of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I would challenge every home school student and home school parent to carefully read this priceless bit of advice from a wise and seasoned home school father and visionary.
This film festival is a great way to bring delight-directed study home to your home schoolers. Think about this. You are saving a lot of money by teaching your children at home instead of sending them to a private Christian school. (Yes, public school is "free," but it is also worth every penny of it.) This film festival is one way to reinvest some of what you are saving in a life-changing educational experience for your young adults.

To be brutally honest, if you do not do something like this once in a while, you are cheating your children out of the best that home schooling has to offer them. Film making is just one area of involvement to consider. Home school speech and debate is another rather expensive activity. But it is worth it. So, if its not this event, it should be something else just as exciting and expensive. Don't try to save money on home schooling! Simply invest what you would have spent in a better, more effective way.

As an experienced home-schooling father, pastor of many home schooling families and, yes, as a home school pioneer "guru," let me tell you, this kind of decision is what separates the mediocre home schoolers from the truly excellent home schoolers. Save your money up each year to do something extraordinary for your children's education. It is not just a matter of what you learn in the sessions, but of who you meet and the vision that will be birthed in each student's heart.

So, here is my challenge to my young readers. Print this out and take it to your parents and ask them, "If not this, then what?" Ask them to choose something exciting to invest their hard earned time, energy and money in so that you can get the best possible home school education. Tell them that Gregg Harris says that home schooling parents also need to "Do Hard Things."