reb•e•lu•tion (reb’el lu shen) n. a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.


What Happened?!? Announcing The Merger.

NOTE: We have been juggling the posting times to keep this post on top. Please reference the "Current Series" feature on the sidebar to your right to keep up on any new posts.
In a very cruel trick on the dear Dawn Eden (author of The Dawn Patrol) Alex and I timidly announce the merger of Conscientious Contemplation and Rebelution. After discussing the possibility with our parents, we came to the conclusion that it was in our own interest, and in the interest of our readers, to consolidate our entries to a single blog. We also realized that the longer we waited, the harder it would be to make the switch. This afternoon featured a flurry of activity as all the posts on Conscientious Contemplation were cross-posted to their new home here. The Rebelution is now the home of both Brett and Alex Harris.

Unfortunately, while the timing was as perfect as it would ever be, some confusion will most likely result. In an incredible act of kindness, Dawn decided to feature us in her weekly column Blog On! in the New York Daily News. While it will not appear until Sunday (the 28th), the interview, writing, submission, and finalization of the column was all accomplished before our decision to merge.

As it is, all of the entries that Dawn cited in her column can be found here (be sure to check out the "Current Series" feature on the sidebar to your right). Her column was correct in every detail. The purpose of this post is only to alert you that all future entries by both Alex and myself will be made here at The Rebelution.